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We offer businesses professional bespoke website design and internet services. Our aim as a company is to give businesses of any size, the web design and internet services they need to compete for new business within the same market as some of their larger competitors, at a price which is very affordable.
Library as a service (LAAS)

Developed by SICT and licensed from Vodacom, SICT offers library as a service for companies to reference and archive information that impacts the company. The library services include newsletter services (see screenshots), alert services, desktop search, corporate membership database, industry events database, and contributors' corner (where staff share their favourite websites, publications and electronic documents with colleagues).

Competitive intelligence service

SICT offers a RADAR service where important issues in the business media are monitored and filtered, to inform corporate decision-makers, and archived for future reference.


World-class patented knowledge management platform to enable informed decision-making.
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