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SICT's original focus was on web design. As time passed and the business grew, more clients were approaching us to manage their web site and corporate collateral marketing.
Corporate identity design and development
    Design of user interfaces for:

  • Email templates for internal communication (see screenshots)
  • Document design & branding (eg. Word, Powerpoint, PDF, etc)
  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • CD-ROM publications
  • Advanced flash development
  • Electronic presentations
  • Screensaver creation
  • Presentations
Email Templates and Internal Communication
SICT's original focus was on web design. As time passed and the business grew, more clients were approaching us to manage their web site and email marketing. That's when things got interesting. There were a number of tools on the market to manage email campaigns, but none really stacked up. Either the interface made your eyes bleed, you were forced to use their ugly templates or you needed a separate account for each client. After trying everything under the sun and coming up empty, we saw an opportunity. We decided to intergrate email newsletters onto our inhouse CMS System and our designers focus on implementing strong elegant, customizable, clean emailers for our clients corporate communication.

Document Design and Branding
We provide Design/Branding, layout and typesetting to business organisations and government departments.As part of our turn-key document solution, we provide excellent design and branding services

Internet Designs
We offer a range of web design, website design, web hosting, search engine optimisation, brand imaging & corporate identity, e-commerce and internet strategy services to ensure you establish a professional and powerful presence on the internet.

A company's web site must be viewed as an extension of its wider marketing communications strategy. Prior to site development, we will discuss your goals and objectives, and gain valuable insight into the key driving forces behind your business. Understanding your commercial environment will allow us to focus our skills in a team approach in order to develop the most appropriate internet solution for your company. Our combined 15 years of experience and wide range of web design services, fully featured online software products coupled with secure web hosting will increase your brand awareness and get you to the top

Intranet Designs
Intranets are one of the most valuable assets for any large organisation. They can, after all, help people do their jobs better and more efficiently, yet so many intranets offer such poor usability. The intranet should look and behave in a consistent way (rather than, for instance, different departments having radically different graphic designs and navigation systems). Having an intranet that changes its appearance and behaviour between sections disorientates users and can introduce doubts into their minds as to whether or not all sections are as reliable and current as each other.
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